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Piccolo is the "evil half" of an older Piccolo, Kami being the other half. At first he hates and rivals Goku, constantly battling with him, trying to take over the world. However on the arrival of Raditz, Goku's long forgotten Saiyan brother, Piccolo becomes very annoyed at the fact that someone else is trying to take over the world too and so wants Raditz destroyed.
 He therefore gives Goku a suggestion that they team up to defeat Raditz and thanks to a great sacrifice from Goku and a great Special Beam Cannon attack from Piccolo they achieve this. After the fight with Raditz, Piccolo takes Gohan away to train him and during this time Piccolo finds it strange, but actually becomes friends with Gohan. From this point on he not only trains but defends Gohan (sometimes Gohan defends Piccolo) and during the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo sacrifices his own life to save Gohan's! Throughout the rest of the story he has forgotten his desire to take over the world and joins with Goku and friends in their continuing struggles against evil characters, always focused on becoming even stronger (especially becoming faster) He eventually fuses back with Kami and goes on to become the second strongest fighter in the universe (being just fractionally weaker than Gohan).


He has the ability to shoot energy beams from his hands, is very fast  and has some very effective attacks e.g. the Special Beam Cannon. He has also mastered the tri-form technique in which he can split his body into three. He is always developing new attacks.

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