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Goku is the Hero of Dragonball Z and bravely defends all those on earth and the ones he loves from Evil. Originally sent from his home planet, the planet Vegeta, as a child, he is a Saiyan, but forgot all of his evil ways when he had an accident and bumped his head. He was bought up by Master Roshi, alongside Krillin, and won every competition he was in. Because of this everybody knew that he had some kind of super strength or abilities and this was confirmed when Goku because the first ever Super Saiyan. However, his strength does not stop there and Goku constantly aims for new levels of strength and technique.

Goku has the ability to shoot energy beams from his hands, has great speed and when needed has the ability to power up to such high levels of strength and speed that it creates an energy aura around his body turning his hair blonde and his eyes green (Super Saiyan Form).

Kamehameha, the Spirit Bomb and Kaioken are among Goku's strongest attacks.

This is Kamehameha!

He is married to Chi-Chi and has two sons called Gohan and Goten, Gohan being his first and Goten his second.


(Goku as a Super Saiyan)
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