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Frieza is the most feared, evil and unbelievably powerful being in the whole universe. His wish is to collect together all of the Dragonballs and make a wish for immortality so that his glory will never end. He hires many men to do his work for him e.g. conquering planets. At one time even the Saiyans were 
hired by him. However as this strong warrior race developed further, outstandingly strong warriors such as Vegeta were beginning to appear and Frieza grew scared that they might stop him from ruling the universe. Later he simply destroyed the planet Vegeta, but unfortunately for him the strongest Saiyans escaped anyway!


He has the ability to perform most attacks, is very fast and incredibly strong. For years, until on Namek with Goku, he had never been properly rivaled and his opponents has always been defeated easily, sometimes using only one hand. However he uses his power for his own benefit and evil, so is finally overcome by good. His most power full attacks include energy balls which can destroy entire planets with just one blast! He also has breath which can kill!!!!!

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